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10 Helpful English Expressions to Use When Shopping

Everybody enjoys a good shopping trip now and then. Learn the most common and helpful expressions to use when shopping as a customer at the store.

"Thanks but I'm just looking around": use this expression whenever an employee asks you if you need any help and you just want to be alone to do your shopping.

"Excuse me, can you answer a few questions for me?": use this expression to ask for help from a sales representative

"I'm looking for something that...." use this expression to describe what kind of item you are looking for (ex. "I'm looking for something that I can use to clean the seats of my car")

"Can I try it out/on?": use "try it out" when you want to use a gadget or device to see how it works and use "try it on" for clothes or fashion accessories to see how they look.

"What's the return policy for this?": use this expression when you want to know if you can get a refund if you decide you don't want to keep the product.

"Do you have this in a larger/smaller size?": use this expression when you want the same item but in a different size. You can also be more specific: "do you have this in red?" "do you have this in size small?"

"I need some time to think it over": use this expression to tell a salesperson that you're not ready to buy something yet

"Can you price match this item?": use this expression when you want to know if the company can match the price of a competitor selling the same item for cheaper.

"Can you check if you have any in the back?": use this expression if the store doesn't have any items that you want available on display.

"Do any of your other locations have it in stock?": use this expression if the store location that you are currently at doesn't have the item you want but the store has other locations that might have it.

"When does this sale end?": use this expression to ask how long the item will be on sale for.


Complete the phrases below:

  1. Can you check if you have any _______ ______ ______? (are there any in inventory?)

  2. Thanks but I'm just ______ ______ (I'm fine shopping alone, thanks)

  3. What's the ______ ______ for this? (can I get a refund later?)

  4. I need some time to ______ ______ ______. (I'm not going to buy it today)

  5. Excuse me, can you answer ______ ______ ______ for me? (I need some help)

Hints for questions above: return policy / a few questions / think it over / in the back / looking around

  1. Do you _____ _____ _____ a smaller/bigger size? (I want a different size)

  2. I'm _____ _____ something that.... (I have a specific need)

  3. When does this ______ _____? (how much more time do I have for this sale?)

  4. Do any of your other locations have it _____ _____? (can I get it at another store?)

  5. Can I _____ it _____? (I want to see what it's like)

  6. Can you _____ _____ this item? (can you give me the same price as them?)

Hints for questions above: looking for / try out / have this in / in stock / price check / sale end

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