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Books for students who speak other languages (Turkish, Czech, Ukrainian etc.)

Even if your native language is not one of the specific languages mentioned, there is still a solution for you!  Many of the lessons in the books are useful for students with any native language. 

For example, the "Grammar Essentials" books include lessons about common grammar topics that any student needs like tenses, prepositions, and conditionals, while the "What's the Difference Between...?" books focus on words that every English student needs help with like "to" and "for", "hope" and "wish", as well as "other" and "another". 

Choose a book from the gallery or read more about the books below to identify which books are most suitable for you!

What is the Right Book for You?

What's the Difference Between...?

Learn the important differences between...
in the end/at the end
see/watch/look at
although/even though/despite
as / like

  • 100 lessons that help you clearly understand the difference between confusing words in English

  • Detailed explanations and examples for each of the words in the lessons

  • Practice exercises to confirm your understanding

Grammar Essentials & Practice Book

Learn how to correctly use:
did / was doing / has done / had done
passive form
is being done / has been given / will be made
in, on, at, to, for, by, from
if I go / if I went / If I had gone

  • 50 lessons that help you improve your grammar and communication

  • Organized into a natural learning process where each lesson prepares for the next lesson

  • Easy-to-understand explanations with clear explanations and examples

  • Exercises to practice what you learn and get feedback with the answer key

  • An appendix with resources for easy reference 

Stop Saying That!

Learn  how to fix incorrect phrases like:
"thanks God"
"it was a so hard test"
"I have a doubt"
"we made a party"

"I am stressful"

  • 200 lessons that help you fix the phrases and parts of language that you're using incorrectly

  • A correct phrase to use for each incorrect one (and an explanation why this one is correct)

  • Quick and easy lessons that you can read in 10 minutes or less

  • Practice exercises to help you confirm your understanding

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