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Improving Your English
Just Got A Lot Easier.

My name is Blake and I've been teaching English to high-advanced English learners from all over the world for more than 11 years.

I've used my years of experience to write 4 books for English learners based on the most common mistakes, questions, and challenges that I have seen from the over 2,000 students I've taught.  If they have these mistakes, questions, and challenges, you probably have them too.

These books teach the lessons that you need to know so that you can start speaking, writing, and understanding English like a native speaker in order to open doors for new possibilities in your life.

Each book is between 180 and 350 pages, with explanations, examples, practice exercises and answers included in each book.  They are PDF format, instantly downloadable and printable too.  A description of each book is given below.

Student Doing Homework

Why these books?

My four books are written from my personal experience of teaching English learners day after day for 11 years.  This has given me excellent understanding of the lessons that students need the most. 

YouTube videos are easy to make and fun to watch but many of the people making those videos are influencers and not experienced English teachers, which means the videos often do not provide the necessary detail that people need to truly learn English properly. 

The lessons in each of my books are written with explanations that are easy to read and provide the information you need to improve your English quickly and easily.  I know this because I have used lessons from my books in my classes with my students and received positive feedback from them.

All e-books are in PDF format so that they can be viewed on a variety of devices and can also be printed if needed.  Each e-book can be downloaded instantly after purchase so that you can start improving immediately!  

The Books

Grammar Essentials Merged A.jpg

Grammar Essentials

Grammar is the necessary foundation to any language.  This book will help you learn, understand, and use better English grammar in your writing and speaking to communicate more clearly.


You'll learn how to correctly use:

  • all the tenses (I have done it, I have been doing it, I had done it, etc.)

  • passive form (it is being written, it has been taken, it will be done, etc.)

  • prepositions (in, on, at, to, for, by, etc.)

  • conditionals (if I know, if I knew, if I had known, etc.)

  • modals (should, could, would, must, etc.)

  • noun clauses (clauses using what, where, why, how, etc.)

  • adjective clauses (clauses using that, which, who, where)

  • much more (265 pages and 50 lessons in total)

The Most Common Business Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

Business Phrasal Verbs and Idioms3 - newest1 (1).jpg

Business English can be more complicated than regular English because of the many idioms and phrasal verbs that businesspeople use.  This book can ensure that you are prepared to understand and use the language of the English business world.

Phrasal verb lessons include:

  • Phase (something) out

  • Scale (something) back

  • Head (something) up

  • Go over (something)

  • And much more (100 phrasal verbs in total)

Idiom lessons include:

  • Raise the bar

  • Touch base

  • Crunch the numbers

  • The big picture

  • And much more (100 idioms in total)

WTD Latin.jpg
WTD Asian.jpg

What's  the Difference Between...? (2 Versions)

English has many words that are confusing for students, such as when to use "to" and when to use "for", or when to use "on time" and "when to use "in time".  Learn the difference between these important words and how to use them correctly.

You'll learn the difference between:

  • as/like

  • by/until

  • either/neither

  • do/make 

  • work/job

  • other/another

  • used to do/be used to doing

  • even if/even though

  • much more (355 pages and 100 lessons in total)

Also note there is one version that is more suitable for Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French speakers and another version that is more suitable for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese speakers!  Each version is based on the words that people from these native languages find most challenging because of translation.

Version for native speakers of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French:

Version for native speakers of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese languages:

SST Latin.jpg
SST Asian.jpg

Stop Saying That! (2 Versions)

English learners tend to say the same incorrect expressions, either because of bad translation or because they do not realize it's incorrect.  This book will help you learn how to stop making these common mistakes and how to say the expressions correctly

Fix these incorrect expressions:

  • thanks god!

  • during ten years

  • I'm easy to do it

  • another country's people

  • can you borrow me that?

  • every people

  • I don't think so, too

  • Most of people

  • much more (185 pages and 200 lessons in total)

Also note there is one version that is more suitable for Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French speakers and another version that is more suitable for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese speakers!  Each version is based on the expressions that are most often used incorrectly from these languages, usually because of bad translation from the native language.

Version for native speakers of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French:

Version for native speakers of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese languages:

My Purpose

To help people truly understand English and improve their English skills so that they can clearly, confidently, and successfully communicate with people all over the world.

My Vision

To create one place where English learners from all over the world can come to find reliable, helpful, and easy-to-understand lessons about everything they need to improve their English.


5 Reasons to Choose
My Books

Even if I have never met you, I probably know your mistakes.

How much would you like to have a personal teacher who can correct your exact mistakes?  What if I could do that without even meeting you?  The interesting thing about teaching international ESL students for 10 years is how almost everyone has the  same questions and problems.  Some mistakes are very consistent  among students even at different levels of English and that's why I wrote these books to focus on those exact common mistakes and questions that almost every student has.

I wrote these books while I was teaching students in the classroom.

Many  books are written by people who work in the "textbook writing industry" and are not actually in the classroom teaching students while they write their books.  However, while I was writing these books from 2012 - 2020, I was teaching every week in front of a class of students from all over the world.  This helped me make sure that I was understanding the needs and challenges of English students while I was writing.

I have tested these books in the classroom with hundreds of ESL students to get feedback.

Over the eight years that I've been writing these books, I've had literally hundreds of students pass through my classes and I've often used lessons from my books in these classes to help students learn vocabulary and grammar.  It allowed me to find out which lessons were clear and helpful and which ones needed to be improved.  This helped me improve my books little by little until they were ready to be offered to everyone.

The Accelerate English books were designed to make it easier for students to get the information they want  related to language and grammar.  Many lessons in each book give directions to other books and lessons that contain useful information that students might be curious about.  For example, if you read the lesson on "by" and "until" in the book "What's the Difference Between...?", you might become curious to know more about prepositions and how to use them, so that lesson will tell you exactly which Accelerate English book and lesson to go to in order to learn more about prepositions in general.  This makes it easier for students to find the information they need without spending time searching through the internet to find it.

The books reference each other so you can quickly get information about related topics.

Our books help you understand English, not just memorize it.

If you feel like you don't understand English grammar rules or structure, it probably means you are just memorizing English, which means you are trying to force your brain to remember something that doesn't make sense to you.  On the other hand, when you understand English, it makes sense to you, and it's much easier to remember something that is logical and makes sense to you.  Accelerate English tries to provide explanations that help you understand English instead of memorizing it so that it makes sense to you, which will give you a better chance to remember it long term.  Furthermore, when students go back to old bad habits in English that are difficult to break, it's usually because they just memorized the correct form, but when students understand why that old habit was wrong and the correct way to do it instead, they correct that bad habit much more successfully.  Our goal is to help you understand why your mistakes are mistakes and to understand how English langauge and grammar works.

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