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Right or Wrong Grammar Test 1

Do you think you’re a grammar pro? Test your skills with this test.

Decide whether the following sentences are grammatically correct or not. If it is correct, write “right”, and if it is incorrect, write “wrong” and try to identify the reason why it’s wrong.

  1. I can meet you either Tuesday or Wednesday. Which day do you prefer?

  2. The beach festival has cancelled because of the weather.

  3. She hasn’t traveled abroad to another country, even she is fifty-years-old.

  4. She called me while I was sleeping so I didn’t answer my phone.

  5. Every passengers have to go through airport security.

  6. It was good that you didn’t come with us to the party last night. You wouldn’t like it.

  7. Nobody ever tells me anything.

  8. You shouldn’t come to my city, because it’s not safety.

  9. Last year I had gone to New York to visit my friend.

  10. If you keep practicing, you will eventually improve your skills.

Hint: there are six wrong sentences.


  1. Right

  2. Wrong – “has been cancelled” or “was cancelled” (passive form needs the “be” verb included)

  3. Wrong – “even though she is fifty-years-old” (the conjunction is “even though”, not just “even”)

  4. Right

  5. Wrong – “every passenger has” (the word “every” connects to a singular noun and singular verb)

  6. Wrong – “wouldn’t have liked” (when using “would” to describe the past, it uses present perfect)

  7. Right

  8. Wrong – “it’s not safe” (the word “safety” is a noun, but here you need the adjective “safe”)

  9. Wrong – “I went” (when you mention an event in a finished time-period like “last year”, use past simple)

  10. Right

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