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Test #3:  Find the Common Mistakes

The paragraph below includes common mistakes that students often make, which are explained in our books. How many mistakes can you find in the text?  When you are finished, click the button below the text to find out if you were right.

I work like a sales representative for SmartSystems, it produces softwares for companies.  I’m working there during ten years and I very enjoy it yet.  I’m almost responsible for sell our products for companies what want good IT equipments to improve their operations business. 


I often go to trips to another countries to make business with clients.  I use to go to the Europe, but sometimes I need go to Asian countries, either.  Even it’s a stressful work, I like because is dynamic and interesting, and I can know many famous places in the world. 


Every cultures are different, so is necessary for me learn about cultures before to meet with another country’s people for making a good impression.  Understand how do other cultures work is a so important part of my job.  If I win the trust and respect of my business partners, I can success and make a good job for my company.


The better way to prepare for this cross-cultural meetings is get advice by peoples who know well the culture of the country that you are going.  For example, one of my co-worker told that he arrived for a meeting in the exact meeting time and knew he was in time.  Although, the other people in the meeting thought he arrived lately.  Anyone had explained him that he should to arrive five or ten minutes before a meeting so that he didn't know about it and felt really embarrassing about his mistake afterwards.

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