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Improving your English
just got a lot easier.

My name is Blake and I've been teaching English to high-advanced English learners from all over the world for more than 11 years.

I've used my years of experience to write 4 books for English learners based on the most common mistakes, questions, and challenges that I have seen from the over 2,000 students I've taught.  If they have these mistakes, questions, and challenges, you probably have them too.

These books teach the lessons that you need to know so that you can start speaking, writing, and understanding English like a native speaker in order to open doors for new possibilities in your life.

Each book is between 180 and 350 pages, with explanations, examples, practice exercises and answers included in each book.  They are PDF format, instantly downloadable and printable too.  A description of each book is given below.

The Books

Grammar Essentials Merged A.jpg

Grammar Essentials

Grammar is the necessary foundation to any language.  This book will help you learn, understand, and use better English grammar in your writing and speaking to communicate more clearly.


You'll learn how to correctly use:

  • all the tenses (I have done it, I have been doing it, I had done it, etc.)

  • passive form (it is being written, it has been taken, it will be done, etc.)

  • prepositions (in, on, at, to, for, by, etc.)

  • conditionals (if I know, if I knew, if I had known, etc.)

  • modals (should, could, would, must, etc.)

  • noun clauses (clauses using what, where, why, how, etc.)

  • adjective clauses (clauses using that, which, who, where)

  • much more (265 pages and 50 lessons in total)