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Important Adverbs of Frequency to Add to Your Regular Vocabulary

This lesson can boost your vocabulary by giving you different ways of saying always, often, sometimes, and rarely.

Look at the adverbs of frequency below. Do you know what they mean?

infrequently / all the time / on occasion / constantly / seldom / routinely / occasionally

from time to time / frequently / barely / regularly / a great deal / hardly ever / at times / once in a while

Match the adverbs of frequency above to the closest synonym below (words with the same meaning):

  • Always = ?

  • Often = ?

  • Sometimes = ?

  • Rarely = ?

Look at the sentences below to help you:

  • She travels infrequently. She hates public transportation and she doesn't have a car.

  • It rains here all the time. I never leave home without my umbrella!

  • The President visits the office on occasion. Last month he visited a few times.

  • The city is constantly doing construction in the downtown area. It never stops!

  • She seldom speaks. She's very shy.

  • We routinely go for a walk outside. I like to get as much fresh air as I can.

  • My sister calls me occasionally, usually if there is news to share or a special occasion. We're not really close but we like to talk once in a while.

  • It's a good idea to drink water regularly throughout the day to stay hydrated.

  • I have an exercise bike, but I barely use it anymore..

  • I go back to my old neighborhood from time to time just to see how things are changing. It's not too far so whenever I'm in the area I drive by there


  • Always = all the time, constantly

  • Often = routinely, frequently, regularly, a great deal

  • Sometimes = on occasion, occasionally, from time to time, at times, once in a while

  • Rarely = infrequently, seldom, barely, hardly ever, once in a while

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