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Build Your English Vocabulary with 10 Adjectives to Use Instead of "Important”

Emphasize importance by using a wide range of English vocabulary.

This lesson focuses on 8 adjectives that you can use instead of saying “very important”. When you use these adjectives, it’s common to use three main forms which are described below.

In each example given below, the adjective “critical” is used instead of “very important” and the idea of “masks” and the action of “wear a mask” is mentioned as critical, because this action is very important during COVID-19.

1. Use the very important noun as the subject or use a gerund form (-ing) if it’s a verb word (ex. "masks" or "wearing a mask"), then the "be" verb (ex. "are"), and finally the adjective word (ex. "critical"):

  • Masks are critical indoors. / Wearing a mask is critical indoors.

2. Use the pronoun “it” in the subject position, the "be" verb, then the adjective, and finally use an infinitive verb after the adjective to describe the very important action ("to wear..."):

  • It is critical to wear a mask indoors.

3. Use the pronoun “it” in the subject position, then the "be" verb and the adjective, then the word “that” as a conjunction, and finally a clause (subject + verb) to describe the important thing ("people wear...").

  • It is critical that people wear masks indoors.

The adjectives are below:

  • Critical: “Having a strong introduction is critical when you do a presentation.”

  • Crucial: “It is crucial to get some kind of travel insurance when you are traveling abroad.”

  • Vital: “Getting enough sleep is vital to ensure that your mind is alert the next day.”

  • Key: “Teamwork is key in basketball.”

  • Essential: “It is essential that you understand the culture of the country that you are visiting.”

  • Imperative: “It is imperative that lawyers keep their clients’ information confidential.

  • Integral: “Social interaction with others is integral to people’s happiness.”

  • Fundamental: “It is fundamental that hospitals operate twenty-four hours a day.”


Use the adjectives from the list above to give advice about job interviews. Describe some very important things or actions in a job interview scenario.

  • "It is critical to arrive early for the interview."


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